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Are you, or someone you know, looking for housing in a family style residential group home setting or would benefit from living in a shared home environment? 

Who We Serve

Based upon community needs, we provide a variety of special populations with affordable and specialized housing.  Demographics served include but are not limited to: disablities, elderly, veterans, and re-enntry programs such as ex-offender or homeless.

Our Committment

We are committed to providing safe and affordable housing. Social service agencies provide care beyond housing needs.


With a lifetime of experience and raising a special needs child, our founder understands your concerns and family stresses.  We also know that your loved one needs understanding, too.

What Do Our Clients Say ?

Our organization provided a wide variety of special needs populations
with affordable housing in clean, safe living arrangements.

  Knowing that my father is in a safe, comfprtable home with people his own age helps me rest a lot easier.   Professionals tell us that a group living home is much better for seniors mental  health and physical well-being.

Bob Cline

A Relieved Son
We are so grateful for what  you have done.  We are not gettinhg any younger and will not be able to take care of our son's needs much longer.  Group Residences taking care of the housing, and the social services agencies looking out for his wellbeing is the best possible scenario.

Helen and Jake Wilcox

Concerned Parents

Our Process

Our process focuses on our core belief and philosophy that the personal, physical, and spiritual well-being of our residents must come first.  We take an inter-disciplinary approach to our management.  We partner with numerous local and state non-profits as well as government entities in order to best meet the needs of our community

Application & Screening

While we do have a check-list of requirments, we prefer to take a holistic approach.  Clients typically originate via shared referral sources.  Often times this could be a doctor, nurse, case worker, social worker or even another resident's family.  Working with them allows us to better understand the special needs of the particular resident.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to improve the lives of our residents through affordable, all-inclusive housing enviroments which are centered around Respect, Empathy, Self-learning, and Pride of Ownership. We personally believe that housing is a universal necessity that creates positive change for all of humanity.  

Many Populations Benefit From Group Home Living

Group Senior Homes

We provide housing for the elderly and seniors without disabilities. Many seniors these days are on fixed incomes and in need of low-income and low-cost housing in a group home living enviroment.  Many are full functional as to ADL's. That is where we can assist.

Group VA Homes

We have homes that are specifically set up for Veterans.  Our veteran and VA housing provides group homes for both disabled and non-disabled vets.  We work directly with the VA and affiliations of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines to insure that our servicemen are provided with quality and safe housing. We provide group home and transitional residential care homes for Veterans.

Mentally Challenged

There are many types of mental disabilities.  Among the most well know is Autism, and associated disorders such as Aspbergers.  There are varying degrees of all mental disabilities.  Group Residences provides housing and social service agencies provide the professional services people need.  We rely heavily on the social services professionals to determine if a home is appropriate for an individual.

Group Sober Homes

Our organization provides and operates sober homes for those with addiction, alcohol and drug related problems.  We have properties that are specificially designed and managed for those with dependency related issues such as alcohol and drugs. These homes maintain a drudg and alcohol free enviroment similar to all our other homes, but also come with mandatory AA classes as well as alcohol and drug counseling.

Group Re-Entry Homes

Ex-offenders often need assistance in adapting to the norms of society after they have been released from prison.  People who have been homeless also need a re-entry path to become part of society again.

What We Are Not
We are not an assisted living organization.  We and the residents rely upon social services agencies and their specialize professionals to provide for the needs and care of individuals who may need those services to be able to live as independently as possible.
Let Us Know Your Needs And How We Can Help.

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